Quit Claim for Hanging from the “Bacon’s Ethiopian Minstrel Troupe"

Annisquam March 26th, 1849

Know all men by these present

That we Harvey H. Bacon, Arthur F Bragdon, and others connected with “Bacon’s Ethiopian Minstrel Troupe, ” in consideration of the fond feelings, and interest we have and take in the Universalist Sewing Society of Annisquam, and for and towards assisting them in helping support said Society, as well as divers other good causes give, grant and confer unto the said Society all and singular, the Scenery which we Bacon and others, have made to be used at entertainments in this mechanics Hall the said Society to have and to hold and enjoy the said Society hereby given with every part and parcel therefore unto said Society, as theirs henceforth and forever Provided always upon this express condition that the said Sewing Society permit and suffer the said Harvey H Bacon, with two other if the givers or any three of the givers to have the use of said Scenery in the mechanics Hall free and without charge do on their yielding anything for use of same. Therefore we the said Harvey H. Bacon, and others, as signed below do, and will warrantee and defend, unto the said Society, the said Scenery and by these present, do now put the Society in possession of the same. In witness there of we have herein to set our hands and seals the day and year first above written.

H.H. Bacon

Arthur F. Bragdon

Wm. I. Davis


Bradbury W. Cruff

George Tucker

Arron ....

Wm. F. Law

Francis Poole

Geo. B. Sargent


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